A n  A r t i s t i c  S t a t e m e n t

Laura Wyatt O'Keeffe is a mutli-award nominated performer, writer, facilitator, researcher, collaborator and activist.


Laura tells stories, in any way that she can. Herself and her curiosity find themselves making theatre performances, site-specific performances, sound installations, spoken word, short films and video art.


At the beginning of all of Laura's work is a person, their life and their story. She begins at the beginning by making a small piece of work and then sharing it with an audience. She gathers feedback and begins again. She then shows a (sometimes) better piece of work and gathers 

more feedback. She keeps making and sharing and gathering until she finds the story, the story that needs to be told.


Laura spent several months not writing this artist statement: not because she doesn't know what kind of work she wants to make. Laura knows she wants to make work that is above all else, brave and honest. But what's most important to her is how her work makes people feel and think.


So Laura and her curiosity went out gathering feedback and here's what people said about her work....

Powerful. Adventurous. Provoking. Intriguing. Fun. Voyeuristic. 

Political. Inventive. Searching. Moving. Emotionally raw. Impactful. Relevant. 

Grounded. Searching. Curious. Nuanced. Searing. Intensely personal. 

Brave. Sincere.


Laura knows that this isn't the traditional way of making an artist statement but Laura believes that whether it’s an artist statement or a show it should be a piece of art and a piece of the artist. So this is how Laura makes her work - with people. 


If you’ve seen or read any of Laura’s work and you think she's missed something above then get in touch. There’s always room for more feedback.

Photo by Tabitha Goble

"Must-see show of the festival"


 "Brief, the most passionately polemical play to be staged in Cork in quite some time. The highly charged scenario engenders heated debate... a philosophical pondering on how we debate and how we represent things in theatre. Laura is a strong performer of her own work"  

The Evening Echo