A r r i v a l

Arrival is a journey story that defies convention. If Michael Palin and Sarah Kane were to write a play, this might be it.

Writer and performer Laura Wyatt O’Keeffe went travelling when she was 20 years old, before she left home someone told her something she never forgot.

Arrival follows twenty-two year old Aisling as she journeys from Ireland to Thailand and Australia. Arrival is a transactional hub of pulsating stories, indefinable identities and exhilarating journeys. Our heroine Aisling fractures and crashes her way through reality in this fast paced, hour long show.

Arrival was developed from a previous show, wish i was... with the support of Arts Council England and Hornsey Town Hall.

Arrival was performed at Illuminate Festival at the New Wimbledon Theatre and Tanner Street Takeover at Ugly Duck in 2016.

Written and Performed by Laura Wyatt O'Keeffe

Associate Direction by Jennifer Tang

Movement Direction by Lottie Vallis

Sound Design by Shane O'Sullivan

Design by Emily Harwood

Lighting Design by Antony Hateley

Projection Design by Tristan Bell

Singing by Maggie Kilcoyne

Filming by Tristan Bell and Agija Liepniece

Poster Image by Tabitha Goble

Poster Design by Phil Bennett

* We have attempted to contact all audience members featured in our Arrival feedback, if you are not happy to share your feedback via the video contact us on laurawyattokeeffe@gmail.com

"Arrival is a truly meditative piece, the like of which I have never seen before."

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