Jean, Where Memories Live

My name is Jean. 

I run, I ran everyday until I had to stop. 
I have children. Two. Two daughters. 
I like lipstick, burnt orange not pink, gold shoes and eggs. Just not poached or fried.
And I have dementia.”

Jean, Where Memories Live is a one-hour promenade performance where the audience follow Jean, her memories and the man who did not love her.

A collaboration between the Manoel Theatre's Toi Toi, SVDP and Esplora Interactive Science Centre

Written and Directed by Laura Wyatt O'Keeffe

Devised with and performed by the Manoel Theatre's Toi Toi Collective

Lighting Design by Andre Micallef

Sound Design by Luke Cucciardi

Props and Set by Louise Azzopardi

Poster Design and Promo by Rafael Mielczarek

Photo by Rafael Mielczarek